The taskbar appears on the wrong monitor after you change the primary monitor in Windows 7 [KB-Links: Microsoft KB2002029]

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Consider the following scenario:

You are using multiple monitors in Microsoft Windows 7.
You change the monitor that is used as the primary monitor.
You log off the computer.
After you log back on to the computer, one or more of the following symptoms occur:

The taskbar appears on the wrong monitor. For example, the taskbar appears on the secondary monitor and the desktop icons appear on the primary monitor.
When you start a program, the program window does not start on the same monitor as the taskbar.
Dialog boxes do not appear on the same monitor as the taskbar.
Desktop icons are spread across both montitors.
These symptoms occur if you are using a video adaptor to which you can connect two monitors (for example, you are using a single video adaptor that has two VGA connections so that you can run two monitors at the same time), and you follow these steps:

In the Screen Resolution window, you click the monitor icon that represents the secondary monitor.
You click to select the “Make this my main display” check box, and then click OK.
You log off the computer.
You log back on to the computer.

For more information on this issue, including potential causes, workarounds, and resolutions, see: Microsoft KB Article 2002029.

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